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Wyke Farms Ivy’s Vintage Reserve
cheddar and onion quiche

Vintage cheddar _ onion Quiche.jpg



Frozen pie sheet 1
Onion 1/2
Butter 25g
Eggs 2
Double cream  100ml
Ivy’s Vintage Reserve cheddar  50g



1.Pre heat oven to 200℃. Let frozen pie crust stand at room temperature for

2.Slice the onion.
3.Heat the butter in a pan and cook the onions until golden, then remove from the heat

    and stand it to cool.
4.Beat the eggs in a bowl, then gradually add the cream, whisk until the mixture is

    smooth, then season with salt and pepper.
5.Stir in the onions and half the cheese. 
6.Place the pie sheet in a grased tart case and press into bottom and sides.
7.Pour the mixture carefully in to the crust. Sprinkle with the rest of the cheese.
8.Bake the quiche for 20 to 25 minutes until set and golden. 
9.Leave to cool in the case.
10.Remove from tart case and serve in slices.

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