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Berkwood Farms is a coalition of over 60 independent family farmers. We have strived to reach excellence, by never sacrificing quality. Through this philosophy we have come to be one of the largest American suppliers of 100% certified pure heirloom Berkshire pork, and the only farmer-owned company with national distribution.

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Our Farmers


The producers are very conscientious of how the pigs are raised and do so with the utmost care and attention. Many of our family farmers are using production methods that have been passed down through many generations. Some of our farmers' ideals when it comes to raising the pigs include:

・No antibiotics or hormones are used to promote unnatural growth
・Raised with room to move – our pigs are not kept in confined spaces
・Fed a wholesome, all-vegetarian, grain-based diet
・Raised in a manner to minimize stress


At Berkwood Farms Berkshire Pork we take product quality seriously. America's top chefs take pride in the entrées they present to their clientele, which is why we work to provide the best quality pork to our customers. Our production methods are designed to offer the pigs a more comfortable lifestyle, which we believe results in a more desirable end product.


Each week, Berkwood Farms hand inspects every Certified Berkshire Loin Cut before shipping the fresh-chilled product to our customers. Hand inspection guarantees the quality of each cut, visual consistency, and flavor.


All Berkwood Farms Pork products are GLUTEN and MSG FREE and are easy to implement into a celiac or gluten-free diet.

The Berkshire Difference


Why settle for a pale imitation when you can have the real thing? Berkwood Farms 100% certified pure heirloom Berkshire pork is distinctive for its rich ruby color and exquisite marbling, tenderness, and depth of flavor.

Don't just take our word for it. In 1992, the National Pork Board tested nine sire lines for their meat and eating quality. Berkshire pork placed first in nineteen of twenty traits, including:

  • Loin Color

  • Loin Tenderness

  • Loin Marbling

  • Best Tasting In All Test Categories

  • Superior Cooked Moisture Content


Berkwood Farms Berkshire Pork is nothing short of perfection on a plate – tender, juicy and flavorful – every single bite.

Pork pH has a great influence on palatability and quality of the meat. Findings of a 2 year project show Berkwood Farms 100% Berkshire pork has an average pH of 6.1 compared to the commodity pork with a more acidic pH around 5.7.

This results in a more tender, juicy, and flavorful product. This is achieved through superior genetics and limited animal stress.

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